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Moya Financial, with over $220 million in assets under management, is a growing full-service financial institution with three branches across Ontario. 



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The Benefits of Contributing to Your RRSP - A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a specific type of account intended to help Canadians save for retirement. Unlike a regular investment account, the earnings in an Read More
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! - Board of Directors Message The Christmas season is a special time that brings community, friends, and family together. As we give thanks for our successes in 2018, it Read More
Five Tips to Help You Stick to Your Budget - One of the primary components of personal finance is creating a budget. A budget gives you power over your money by enabling you to direct it where you Read More
Board of Directors Elections - The Moya Financial Credit Union Board of Directors, as established in the bylaws, consists of 10 directors. For 2019, the term of four of our directors expires. All Read More
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