Service Charges

All Service Charges are effective as of February 10, 2016

Membership Services & Charges

Personal Chequing Account

Item Charge
NSF Item Return $40.00
Return Item Fee (Chargeback) $10.00
Cancelled Cheque Requests $1.50 per cheque
Overdraft Fee (Charge) $25.00 per occurrence
Cheques & Debits FREE
Counter Cheque $1.00 per cheque
Lost Passbook Fee $2.00

Personal Savings Account

Item Charge
Return Item Fee (Chargeback) $10.00
Lost Passbook Fee $2.00

Business Chequing Account

Item Charge
NSF Item Return $40.00
Return Item Fee (Chargeback) $10.00
Cheques & Debits $0.50
Business Deposit Book $6.00 each

US Chequing Account

Item Charge
NSF Item Return $40.00 US
Return Item Fee (Chargeback) $10.00 US
Cheques & Debits $0.80 US
Overdraft Fee $25.00 US per occurrence


Item Charge
The Exchange Network ATM Withdrawals FREE
The Exchange Network POS (Point of Sale) FREE
PLUS ATM Withdrawals $2.00 and up

Inactive, Dormant, & Unclaimed Accounts

Item Charge
Inactive & Dormant Accounts $60.00/year
Transfer to Government $200.00

Closing an Account

Date of Closing Charge
Within 90 Days of Opening $25.00
Closed > 90 Days of Opening $10.00

Wire Transfers

Item Charge
Incoming (Canadian) < $500 $10.00
Incoming (Canadian) > $501 $16.00
Incoming (US) $25.00 US
Outgoing (Canadian Funds within Canada) $30.00
Outgoing (US) $45.00 US
Outgoing (Canadian and Euro) $50.00

Tax Receipts

Item Charge
Request for Replacement (T5, RRSP Official Receipt, etc.) $20.00

Bill Payments

Item Charge
Teller Processed (Seniors, 60+) FREE
Teller Processed (Non-Senior) $1.50
Online (Member-Initiated) FREE
Trace Request (Bill Payments) $10.00 and up

Statement Search & Print

Item Charge
Print-off from the Banking System $1.00 minimum
Transaction Slip or Cheque Searches $25.00 per hour
Monthly Paper Statement (Senior, 60+) FREE
Monthly Paper Statement (Non-Senior) $2.00
Online e-Statement FREE

Certified Signature

Item Charge
For Letters or Photocopies $10.00

Cheque Search

Item Charge
Written Cheque Search & Print $1.00 per cheque

Unauthorized Overdraft

Item Charge
Interest Balance 19.50%

Balance of Account Transfers

Item Charge
Outgoing Funds $40.00

Collection Items

Requested By Charge
Member Requested $30.00
Credit Union Requested $30.00
Other $30.00

Stop Payment

Details Given Charge
All Details Given $10.00
Partial Details Given $15.00


Item Charge
Government Requested $10.00

Registered Products

Item Charge
Transfer Out Request $50.00

Official Cheque & Draft

Item Charge
Official Cheque (Seniors, 60+) FREE
Official Cheque (Non-Senior) $5.00
US Official Cheque $7.50

Certified Cheque

Status Charge
Member $7.50
Non-Member $15.00