Types of Mutual Funds

The following types of funds, each with its own investment objectives and degrees of risk, are available:

Money Market Funds

  • Invest in short-term money market instruments such as treasury bills, commercial paper and short-term government bonds
  • Used to achieve a stable level of income, low risk and liquidity

Mortgages Funds

  • Provides income and safety by investing in a group of mortgages

Bond Funds

  • Invests primarily in quality, high-yielding government and corporate debt securities
  • Offers income and safety of principal

Dividend Funds

  • Provides income at a preferential tax rate
  • Opportunity for some capital growth

Balanced Funds

  • Achieves a combination of income, preservation of capital and growth
  • Invests in fixed income securities and a broad diversified group of common stock holdings

Asset Allocation Funds

  • Similar to balanced funds
  • Portfolio manager has more freedom to shift the portfolio holdings among equities, money market instruments and fixed income securities

Equity or Common Stock Funds

  • Realize capital gains by investing assets in common shares

Specialty Funds

  • Seek capital gains and forego broad diversification to achieve above-average returns

International or Global Funds

  • Invest in markets that offer the best potential for growth, regardless of location

Real Estate Funds

  • Invest in income-producing real property
  • Achieves long-term growth by capital appreciation and re- investment of income

Ethical Funds

  • Make investment decisions that are guided by moral principles
  • May vary from fund to fund
For more information, please contact:
Jak Slavec
Senior Wealth Services and Mutual Funds Representative
Moya Financial Credit Union Limited / Qtrade Asset Management Inc.
E: Jak.Slavec@moyafinancial.ca
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Moya Financial Credit offers its members the opportunity to invest in a wide range of mutual funds.  The following is a list of some of the major fund companies and their corresponding web site addresses. If your account belongs to one of these companies, you can access it directly by contacting the fund company hotline and/or registering to view your accounts directly from the fund company website.


CI Investments Front Street Capital
Mackenzie Financial Corporation Excel Funds Management Inc.
Fidelity Investments IA Clarington
AGF Funds Manulife Financial
Dynamic Funds Meritas SRI Funds
Franklin Templeton Investments OceanRock Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are offered through Qtrade Asset Management Inc., Member MFDA. Meritas SRI Funds and OceanRock Mutual Funds are divisions of OceanRock Investments Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qtrade Canada Inc.