Moya Financial Matters

In this brand-new podcast brought to you by Moya Financial, you’ll hear from the folks at Moya (plus some special guests) all about our history, engagement in the community, perspectives on financial matters, plus other fun and interesting happenings in, around, and beyond the Slovenian community.

This podcast is not meant to provide specific financial or financial planning advice, so if you’re looking for financial guidance, please come and visit us in person at the branch and we’d be more than happy to chat!

Be sure to tune in regularly on Apple iTunes or your favourite podcast platform. Please rate and review the podcast, and be sure to recommend it to friends and colleagues in the Slovenian community and beyond – it’s for anyone looking for a no-fee alternative to the big banks and wanting to feel like more than a number when they deal with their financial institution.


Nov 27, 2019

We meet Brown's Line branch manager David Wreglesworth and talk about the key advantages of banking with a credit union plus tips for financial security

In this episode we connect with David Wreglesworth, Moya Financial’s branch manager at main branch located at Browns Line.  But more than a branch manager, at Moya David is the focal point and key contact between our members, our investment team and part of the leadership group.  For members, this means a direct connection between the front lines at the branch and head office, ensuring that the membership experience, needs and objectives are in sync.

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Nov 12, 2019

Understanding home mortgages and what makes Moya Financial different with Paula-Jean Lyn, Director of Credit

In this episode we’re talking about home mortgages, specifically but not exclusively first time home mortgages. Home ownership will be the single largest purchase that most people will make in their lifetime and the majority of us will need to get a mortgage. So, it’s wise to shop carefully. To get a first hand explanation of how Moya approaches lending overall and 1st time home mortgages specifically, we sat down with Paula-Jean Lyn, Director of Credit with Moya Financial in her office in Toronto.  With three decades of experience helping people realize their dreams and move into their first home, Paula-Jean talks about what makes our approach different, and provides great tips for first time home buyers.

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Oct 30, 2019

The role of community in credit unions featuring interviews with Sasa Recnik from Moya Financial and Vera Margutsch, President of the All-Slovenian Cultural Committee

In this episode we explore the role of community, and how it is central to the very essence and foundation of credit unions and particularly Moya Financial. We bring back Sasa Recnik who starts us off talking about her personal and professional journey from Slovenia to Toronto,  establishing roots in Canada and a new life within the community here.  We then delve into the role that Moya plays in community, and how important being connected to the community is to the Moya Financial team. Next we talk to Vera Margutsch, President of the All-Slovenian Cultural Committee. We talk about Vera’s deep engagement in the Slovenian culture and understand the work VSKO does with Moya Financial’s help to ensure a diverse group of like-minded Slovenian cultural organizations stay connected and strong.

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Oct 15, 2019

Welcoming our latest members to the community: 60,000 Honey Bees. Moya's Sasa Recnik connects our bees to Slovenian culture, and Madison Weir from Alveole takes us into their fantastic world.

In this episode we talk with Sasa  Recnik, head of marketing for Moya Financial.  Sasa explains the important cultural role of honey bees in Slovenian culture, and why Moya was so excited to be able to bring both a piece of that culture, and about 60,000 honey bees, to live with us this summer. Next we talk to Madison Weir , Urban Beekeeping Experience Director from Alveole, the company that we hired to help us bring this experience to life. Madison talks about the art and science of urban bee keeping, and how the urban bee keeping revolution is transforming our cities and brining life to our community and the environment.

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Sep 27, 2019

Moya Financial Credit Union CEO Tony Krosel discusses his connection to the Slovenian community and introduces us to Moya Financial

Greetings and welcome to the very first episode of “Moya Financial Matters”! We kick off our podcast with an up close and personal interview with Moya Financial’s CEO, Tony Krosel.  With decades of experience in financial institutions, Tony’s hands-on approach to members and close personal connection to the Slovenian community shows itself in this introductory discussion.

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