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Centra Visa* Gold Card

​A perfect balance of premium rewards and low rates.

Why pay more to carry a rewards credit card? The Centra Visa Gold Card helps you collect valuable reward points on the purchases you make on a regular basis. But you won't break the budget with high fees or high interest rate

Annual Fee


Interest Rate (Purchases)


Cash Rewards

1 point = $1

Cash Advance Rate



Card Benefits

  • Annual Fee: $50.00
  • Interest Rate (Purchases): 9.90% Fixed
  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection¹1
  • Earn FlexRewards
  • Auto Rental Collision/Loss Insurance²
  • Purchase Protection & Extended Warranty²
  • Common Carrier Accident Protection
  • Visa Benefits

Offer Details:

Eligibility for rewards and/or account credit is subject to the rewards program terms and conditions. Qualifying transactions are defined in the rewards program terms and conditions. Cash advances and balance transfers do not qualify for reward points. To earn rewards, each account must remain open, in good standing and not become delinquent. All purchases are subject to credit approval.
¹ Zero liability applies to your purchases made with your credit card in the store, over the telephone, online or via a mobile device. As a cardholder, you will not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions if: (1) You have used reasonable care in protecting your card from loss or theft; and (2) You have reported to Cardholder Service at 1.855.341.4643 (Canada and U.S.) or 1.647.252.9564 (International Collect) when you knew that your credit card was lost or stolen. If you believe there has been unauthorized use on your account and you meet the conditions above, you are protected by Zero Liability. If you do not meet the conditions above, please reference your Cardholder Agreement for additional information regarding liability.


Earn valuable rewards every time you use your Centra Visa Gold Card.

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on everyday purchases

Visit to preview rewards.

For full details, please see the Rewards Terms & Conditions of this card. 


Emergencies happen. You can relax with the Centra Visa Gold Card in your wallet. We'll help you handle accidents and emergencies so you can feel confident in your purchases and your travel plans.

  • Auto Rental Collision/Loss Insurance for vehicles rented up to 48 consecutive days¹
  • 90 days purchase protection and double the manufacturer’s warranty (up to one year) on purchases made with your card¹
  • Accident Protection up to $125,000 while traveling by common carrier²

Click here¹ or here² for complete details of the travel insurance.