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On February 9, we launched a refreshed Online Banking and Mobile App experience to our members.

It is normal for platform updates to contain a few 'bugs' and some formatting issues that we will continue to address. Below is a list of known issues we are currently working towards fixing. As you learn how to use the new platform, we have included a section with Helpful Tips.


1. User inputs their username and password to login as usual, but are redirected back to login page.
If you are using a previously bookmarked link to login to Online Banking, it will not work. You must use the above 'LOGIN' link found on this page.

2. User has multiple accounts with different logins, which is affecting their Interac e-Transfers®.
If you have more than one username and login for multiple accounts, they are now identified as one profile. This affects your saved Interac e-Transfer® contacts and limits. For example, if one account login uses up your limit, your other account limits will also be used up. If you are experiencing this issue, please reach out to support@moyafinancial.ca and provide your username and email  associated with your profile so we may further investigate.

3. User previously set up Face/Touch ID for multiple account logins and is now unable to switch between accounts.
If you used the Mobile App to access more than one account, before you were prompted to select the account and then brought up the biometric face/fingerprint scanner. The upgraded App asks for Face/Touch ID and logs in to the last account you were logged in to. You have to cancel Face/Touch ID and enter the account credentials manually in order to switch accounts.


1. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are supported browsers.
Try updating your browser if you're having trouble viewing items on the page. You will not be able to access some features of Online Banking using Internet Explorer.

2. There is now an option called 'Format', which was formerly called 'Export to'.
The 'Format' dropdown menu offers a number of view options and different ways to download/export your summary information.

3. We now offer a Foreign Exchange Calculator.
On the left side menu under 'Rates', click on ''Foreign Exchange Calculator'. Here you can convert Canadian currency to US dollars or Euros.

4. To logout of Online Banking, look for the arrow icon in the top right corner.
Under your name in the top right corner, you will find two icons: a bell and an arrow. Click the arrow to logout of your account (see photo below).


To help us better serve you, if you are experiencing issues with our new Online Banking or Mobile App, please send an email to support@moyafinancial.ca with a detailed description of your issue and, if possible, any relevant screenshots.

Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve these issues and improve our members' digital banking experience.



If you would like to set up access to your online banking account, you must fill out and sign our Online Banking Member Application and email it to main@moyafinancial.ca. We will contact you with further details.

​Please note, temporary Interac e-Transfer® limits will apply for new online banking accounts:

  • Daily: $100
  • Weekly: $250
  • Monthly: $500

Having trouble logging in?
For assistance or if you need to change your password, you may call our branch during our hours of operation.

Once you have access to online banking, you can download our free Moya Mobile App. All account login information is the same as your online banking.