Redeemable Term Deposit

When you get more than you banked on, that’s the Moya advantage.

Interested in a higher rate of return than a standard deposit account? With a Redeemable Term Deposit, you’ll build your investment portfolio with a higher-than-standard, guaranteed interest rate paired with withdrawal flexibility.


  • Guaranteed investment principal and interest rate
  • Minimum investment of $500
  • 1-year term (365 days)
  • Partial or full funds may be redeemed on or after 90 days with no interest penalty*
  • Automatically renews, with interest, at maturity unless you choose to redeem it
  • Not available for registered products
  • Eligible deposits are insured through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)
*No interest is paid if redeemed within 1-89 days of deposit. Interest is calculated daily, non-compounded, and paid at time of redemption or at maturity.

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