​Term Deposits

​Create your money management plan with investment accounts that perform.

​Did you know that term deposits pay a higher rate of interest than a regular savings accounts? The difference is that term deposits are generally non-redeemable until maturity. So, if you don’t need your money right away, a term deposit is a wise investment choice that works for you.


With our Non-redeemable Term Deposit, you’re investing for a longer term at a guaranteed, competitive rate. Upon maturity, you can choose to renew your term for continued growth!



If you want to invest your funds at a higher rate of return than our regular savings account, our Redeemable Term Deposit is just for you. We offer competitive rates with the flexibility to redeem your investment partially or in full prior to maturity.



Our Growing Rate Term Deposit provides you with a steady return over time at a rate that increases each year for the length of the term.



Index-Linked Term Deposits offer unlimited earning potential with zero risk to your principal investment. Your investment is locked in for a fixed period and linked to stock market performance.


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​Term deposits help people grow their savings without any of the risks involved with other types of investment products.

Here’s a closer look at a few common types.