Start something new

Plant your money with Moya Financial.

Summer is here, and the time is right to plant something new in your garden of investments with a 1-year redeemable term deposit or 2-year non-redeemable term deposit. So whether you like the flexibility of the short term or the higher return of the long term, Moya has the right product to suit your needs!

1.70% 2.40%


  • Minimum investment of $2,000
  • Promotional rate of 1.70% for 1-year redeemable term deposit or 2.40% for 2-year non-redeemable term deposit¹
  • Available as non-registered and TFSA
  • Eligible deposits in registered accounts have unlimited coverage through FSRA. Eligible deposits (not in registered accounts) are insured up to $250,000 through FSRA.²



¹ All rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

² For further information on deposit insurance, visit

  • Members are solely responsible for determining whether any contribution to their registered plan account is within their contribution limits as imposed by applicable law.
  • This offer is available on new funds transferred from another financial institution.
  • Investment principal and interest rate are guaranteed.
  • For redeemable term deposit partial or full funds may be redeemed on or after 90 days with no interest penalty. No interest is paid if redeemed within 1-89 days of deposit. Interest is calculated daily, non-compounded, and paid at time of redemption or at maturity.
  • Funds cannot be redeemed prior to maturity with non-redeemable offer.
  • Deposit automatically renews, with interest, at maturity.
  • A minimum $2,000 deposit is required to take advantage of the promotion.
  • This special offer may not be combined with any other offers.
  • We may change, withdraw, or extend this offer at any time without notice.

The following qualify for the promotion:

  • Money transferred from another financial institution.

The following are NOT considered new deposits:

  • Money transferred from a Moya Financial savings account, daily interest savings account, chequing account, trust account, savings TFSA, RRSP, or RIFF or US funds account.
  • Money transferred from an existing Moya Financial term deposit or line of credit.