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​Cultivate your savings and take advantage of the Moya Financial Class A Investment Share offering. You could win a 1-year Rosewood Estates Winery club membership!​​¹

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When you book an appointment with Moya, you’ll be entered into a draw for a chance to win a 1-year Rosewood Estates Winery Hive Wine Club membership, a total value of $640!¹ As part of the Hive, you’ll receive a 4-bottle shipment every 3 months on your doorstep. Each shipment will include a selection of wines that are currently available at the winery.

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Why purchase Moya’s Class A Investment Shares, Series 1?

  • Earn more with a high 4% dividend.*
  • Benefit from their eligibility for registered products (RRSP & TFSA) – they make a great addition to your portfolio and your tax planning strategy.
  • Easily transfer current term deposits/GICs into investment shares with no added costs or fees, even before term deposit maturity dates. 

Investment shares are an investment in the capital of Moya Financial. These shares offer members the potential to realize an excellent rate of return while helping build the credit union’s capital base for future growth, development, stability, and investment in the community. 

Members can feel good about investing in a financial institution 100% owned by its members. All of Moya’s profits are reinvested in delivering exceptional products and services for our members and investing in the growth and development of our communities. 

Good to Know

Investment shares are a moderate-risk investment. Each share is worth one Canadian dollar and the value will stay constant over time. These shares are securities that are non-cumulative, non-voting, and non-participating. It is important to note that investment shares, and returns on them, are not insured or guaranteed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).

View the Offering Statement for full details.​

Investment Shares Seminar: An Opportunity You Don't Want to Miss
Wednesday, July 7 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM livestream via Zoom

Listen in from our live and interactive webinar to learn about Moya’s newest financial product.
​Hear from the experts and get the insight on this unique and exclusive investment opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are credit union investment shares?

Every so often, credit unions give their adult members the opportunity to invest in the success and financial well-being of their chosen financial institution. This is done by allowing members to purchase investment shares in the credit union itself.

Investment shares aren’t the same as the membership shares that credit unions require new members to purchase when joining. They’re an investment opportunity exclusively for members aged 18 or above.


Investment Shares explained with CEO Tony Krosel and guest Penny-Lynn Rintoul

We sat down with Moya Financial CEO Tony Krosel and Penny-Lynn Rintoul – a lawyer with the RZCD law firm in Mississauga that specializes in helping credit unions – to talk about Moya’s newest financial product, investment shares.

There is lots to know about them as you consider this for your portfolio, and so Tony and Penny join us to talk about what you need to know to start your journey of discovery.


Purchase Information

*The Board shall consider whether or not a dividend shall be declared, the rate of that dividend and the manner in which it is paid, including whether in the form of additional Class A Investment Shares, Series 1, in cash, or partly in shares and partly in cash. The Board shall consider this at least annually, and any declared dividend will be paid following each fiscal year end and before each annual general meeting of members. There can be no guarantee that a dividend will be paid in each year. The Board has defined an appropriate rate, for the first five fiscal years after the shares are issued, to be 4% on the Redemption Amount of those shares.
*Dividends are not guaranteed, and are in the sole discretion of the Board. In any fiscal year no dividends, or dividends at a rate less than 4%, may be paid.
¹ No purchase necessary. The winner must be of legal drinking age in Ontario at the time of booking an appointment. Winner of the wine club subscription must complete a skill testing question before receiving their prize. This promotion is not associated with or sponsored by Rosewood Estates Winery. All trademarks are property of Rosewood Estates Winery & Meadery. Visit for a full list of membership benefits and more information.

Investments that age like a fine wine.

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