Investment Shares

Grow with us with investment shares.

Every so often, credit unions give their adult members the opportunity to invest in the success and financial well-being of their chosen financial institution. This is done by allowing members to purchase investment shares in the credit union itself.

Investment shares are an investment in the capital of Moya Financial. These shares offer members the potential to realize an excellent rate of return while helping build the credit union’s capital base for future growth, development, stability, and investment in the community.

Members can feel good about investing in a financial institution 100% owned by its members. All of Moya’s profits are re-invested in delivering exceptional products and services for our members and investing in the growth and development of our communities.

While not new to the credit union industry, investment shares are a new product for Moya Financial. We issued our first Class A investment shares for sale to members in 2021.

See below for legal descriptions of our offerings, the related terms and conditions, and a summary of how investment shares work.

Good to Know

Investment shares are a moderate-risk investment. Each share is worth one Canadian dollar and the value will stay constant over time. These shares are securities that are non-cumulative, non-voting, and non-participating. It is important to note that investment shares, and returns on them, are not insured or guaranteed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario. For more information, visit FSRA's website.

Here’s how investment shares work: