​Ownership & Profit Sharing

​Ownership is the biggest difference between the credit union and the banks.

When you join a credit union, you become a part owner of a financial cooperative in which you purchase and hold membership shares. Working with a bank? If so, you are just a client, rather than an owner with a say in how things are run. Credit unions share their profits with members; focusing on exceptional member services and providing them with outstanding financial benefits, including no fees for many products and services.

Profit paid to members through patronage distribution and dividends is based on our financial performance as a credit union throughout the year. The Board may determine the total profit payout at the end of each fiscal year.

For a third year in a row, a 4% dividend will be paid on membership and patronage shares based on share balances as of December 31, 2020. Members will notice a payment in 2021 into their new Patronage Capital Share account.

Learn more about Moya Financial Membership and Patronage Shares below.


Credit unions distribute returns based on the amount of interest paid and earned. Moya Financial’s Board of Directors may determine this at the end of each fiscal year.



The biggest difference between banks and credit unions is ‘ownership.’ Anyone who joins a credit union becomes ‘an owner’ in a financial cooperative.


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