We are taking thousands of bees under our wing!

Honey bees are an important part of both Slovenian culture and the environment we live in. But their lives are not easy in urban environments, so we decided to do something real to help. Moya Financial is proud to take part in the great movement for more eco-conscious cities by installing beehives right in our own backyard at the main branch in Toronto.

Starting back in June 2019, we’ve hosted two beehives. Our thousands of new colleagues pollinate the urban flora that surrounds our church, community centre, and branch during the summer months. At the end of the season in October we harvest the Moya honey, put it in jars, and share it with our community.

You might have a few questions (we did!)

What about bee stings?
Honey bees are not interested in humans. They set out on a daily quest to take resources back to the colony to ensure its development. Unlike wasps, they are not aggressive and will sting only as a last resort – and they die after they sting. They have no interest in stinging people unless they feel their colony is threatened.

Alvéole: A partner to fly with!
Our project will be realized in collaboration with Montreal-based Alvéole, a social beekeeping company. Since 2013, Alvéole has partnered with hundreds of companies and schools to start beekeeping projects, each hive creating more ecological awareness, allowing city dwellers to reconnect with nature and change their sense of responsibility toward the environment. Alvéole will be regularly managing our hives and will be harvesting the honey for us.