Moya Financial Credit Union, “Moya” online banking is a service provided by Moya for the exclusive use of its members.

Moya will make every reasonable effort to provide uninterrupted Moya Online Banking service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but cannot guarantee that the service will be available at all times. If Moya Online Banking is unavailable, the user will receive onscreen notification of the temporary unavailability of the service.

The Member’s responsibility for security includes:

The Member agrees to be constantly cognizant of the state of the security icon, which will indicate whether a secure connection has been made to Moya Online Banking. The indicator may vary depending on the software being used and may (among other icons) be a “key” or a “lock” located in a corner of the screen. The member agrees not to enter Moya Online Banking (or to immediately exit Moya Online Banking) if the icon does not indicate a secure connection.

The Member agrees to change the temporary password after their first use of Moya Online Banking

The Member will not leave their computer unattended during a Moya Online Banking session or after having completed a Moya Online Banking session without first terminating and exiting their session.

Moya Online Banking files may exist in a non-encrypted state in the Web browser’s cache on the Member computer’s permanent memory until erased. The Member agrees to take steps to secure or erase such files so that any other person cannot access them.

The Member agrees to contact Moya immediately if they become aware of any unauthorized use of their accounts.

Moya does not warrant the security of Moya Online Banking or Internet e-mail service. Until such time as Moya is satisfied with the security of e-mail, Moya will not accept transactions/instructions by e-mail. Members are discouraged from sending confidential or personal information via e-mail and those who do so, assume all the risk.

The Member agrees to select a password, which does not identify them or is easily traceable back to the Member. Moya will provide guidelines at the time of the Member selecting their password.

The Member agrees to keep their password secret and safe to prevent unauthorized use. The Member also agrees to take all necessary precautions to ensure that their password remains confidential while the member is keying it in.

The Member agrees that the use of Moya Online Banking is the legal equivalent to their written signed instructions and that they are bound and liable for all use including unauthorized use by other persons without the Member’s knowledge or consent. Moya will be under no obligation to confirm the actual identity or authority of any user of Moya Online Banking.

At this time there are no fees or charges associated with access through Moya Online Banking, with the exception of established transaction fees. Moya Slovenian Credit Union reserves the right to introduce or change fees with prior notice to members. Any such fees may be debited from any Moya account held by that member. Account charges not related to the Internet continue to apply.

Moya Online Banking derives its account information from Moya’s computer banking system. Where a discrepancy of information occurs between Moya Online Banking and Moya’s computer records, the computer records will be deemed correct.

The terms of this Agreement can and may change at any time. The Member will be notified either by Canada Post or by e-mail. The Member is responsible for being aware of changes to the Agreement and to read any and all amended terms. The Member shall be deemed to accept any and all changes to the Agreement (5) business days after Moya mailing or sending to the Member. The effective date for changes contained in such notice will be the date stated in them, and if no date is stated, they will have immediate effect. Use of Moya Online Banking after such time shall confirm the Member’s acceptance and agreement to such amendments.

Moya may terminate Moya Online Banking and this Agreement at any time. Moya may cancel or restrict the Member’s use of Moya Online Banking at any time without notice to the Member. Moya has no liability for damages or harm which the Member may incur or experience as a result of any non-acceptance, delay or restriction in implementing instructions, nor for any unavailability, malfunction, cancellation, termination, restriction, or withdrawal of Moya Online Banking or any portion of such service or any device associated with it.

The terms of this Agreement apply to the undersigned Member and shall bind the Member, successors, heirs, executors, administrators, and legal representatives. Any person(s) accessing Moya Online Banking in the capacity of an attorney under Power of Attorney shall be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Any person(s) accessing Moya Online Banking in their capacity as an employee authorized to access their employer’s business accounts, shall be bound by the terms of the Agreement. Moya accepts no liability for any fraudulent transactions executed in this manner. The use of Moya Online Banking constitutes acceptance by the Member to the terms of this Moya Online Banking Agreement.