Who We Are

Moya Financial, with over $220 million in assets under management, is a growing full-service financial institution with three branches across Ontario. Moya Financial was established in January, 2016, after two ethnic-based Slovenian credit unions – Krek Slovenian Credit Union and Slovenia Parishes Credit Union – joined to become one. 63 years of strong growth in the Southern Ontario Slovenian community has allowed us to build a strong and loyal membership base. Now with a greater open membership, we are committed to providing financial advice and products in a personalized relationship-driven environment. We are small enough to know our members by name and large enough to provide the financial products and services comparable to larger financial institutions.

Why Are We Different?

Although many of the services are somewhat similar, credit unions are quite different from other financial institutions. At Moya Financial, individuals are members and actual owners/shareholders in the credit union. As owners, members have a vote and can influence the direction and operation of a credit union, including the elections of the Board of Directors. The board and its committees oversee the management team, approve policies, establish plans and targets, and review our overall financial results.

Unlike other financial institutions, members’ deposits – in any combination of accounts – are insured up to $250,000 per member. All registered products (RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs) are 100% insured, regardless of the limit.

On a strictly personal level, as opposed to the large chartered banks where you feel as if you are a merely a number, Moya Financial provides each member with a sense of community and importance. It’s a place where the people know your name when you walk in, and where you’re greeted by a smiling and friendly face.