Who We Are

​Moya Financial Credit Union

​Moya Financial is a new credit union that’s been over 60 years in the making. Formed in 2016 through the merger of two credit unions, each with a rich history of serving the Slovenian community in Ontario, Moya is a financial institution with a difference. Like all credit unions, we are member owned and member focused. Like other financial institutions, we offer a complete and competitive range of banking and account solutions, plus borrowing and investing options.

Unlike the big banks, our clientele are member shareholders and our Board consists of locally elected members from our community. You help to shape our decisions and participate directly in the success of Moya Financial, which in turn means you participate in our mutual financial success.

Another key credit union differentiator is the absence of fees for many of our banking services. While some bigger financial institutions and their start-up online banking brands may claim to do so, it is never duplicated. Your credit union is committed to driving customer service and product innovation that is tailored to members’ needs.

Who profits with a credit union? You do.

As a credit union account holder, you're a member and an owner, so our profits go back to you. Helping you hold onto more of your money.